Dynamics of a patent application

Understanding the dynamics of a patent application Relationship between timeline and disclosure Patent law can be very complex, and it is often quite tedious for non-experts to understand the details of what goes on during the filing and prosecution of a patent application. However, if I had to pick one thing that everyone who works […]

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Opportunities for SMEs

Opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises Using patents and IP effectively Intellectual property (IP) is often neglected, especially by German SMEs. As a result, much potential remains untapped and opportunities are missed. But why is this the case? In my experience, there are a number of misconceptions. I would like to address the most common

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The opportunity beyond the risk

The opportunity beyond the risk A good mindset for IP 5 Intellectual property (IP) is often viewed through the lens of risk and protection. However, it’s essential to shift our perspective and recognize the immense opportunities that IP presents. By considering IP as a powerful enabler and a strategic tool, businesses can leverage it to

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Introduction Welcome to the ideaparachute blog! I’m Tillmann Stieger, the founder of ideaparachute offering services and consulting for intellectual property (IP) strategy and management. Whether you’re a small or medium-sized business (SMB), a start-up, or a larger corporation, my expertise is directed towards helping you navigate the realm of intellectual property. Through this blog, I

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